How To Jumpstart Your Body Transformation!

Part 1

If you want to lose fat and gain lean, sculpted muscle at the same time, there is nothing better to get you more motivated and committed than a 30-Day Body Transformation Challenge. This is a perfect time too, because my lovely wife, Nubbia, and I have just launched our brand NEW 30-Day Ultra Shred Challenge for FREE! 

With the right challenge before you, not only can you dramatically change your body, but you can also take your entire life to a new level once you gain that sense of control, discipline, and determination of where you’re at right now.

We can’t wait to get you started, but first, read this article that has some useful tips before you get started today!

And so here are the top 10 body transformation tips to help you maximize your results.

1.) 10X Your Goal

Listen, it could be possible that you’re underestimating your capabilities, so go big, believe in yourself.

Any goal you set is going to be difficult to achieve, and at some point, your bound to have a “hard day” or tough go at it. So why not set the goal 10X higher, and excerpt 10x the work, effort and persistence.

“Start by establishing the right levels of actions and thinking that will guarantee your success and ensure you keep operating at those levels for your entire life.” – Grant Cardone


2.) Never Reduce Your Target – Increase Actions

In the fitness world, we see it all the time where people are afraid of failing…

Maybe you’ve failed before, maybe you’ve seen others fail, perhaps you’re just playing it safe.

Whatever the case, I always suggest increasing your actions when times get tough and you feel like you’re not getting the results you want. There are 2 strong reasons for doing so:

(warning – this might be hard to hear, but sometimes I need to hear this too)

Reason #1 – You probably weren’t working hard enough, or exhausting all of your resources to find out what steps to take next if you’ve perhaps hit a plateau or aren’t seeing progress. ALWAYS dig deeper. Get a coach, ask the hard questions, truly evaluate yourself. 

Reason #2 – It’s this BIGGER attitude that wins. Just the thought in and of itself of thinking smaller and reducing the target is like stating that you’re ok with losing or having fewer results instead of going for the big win and truly meeting your goal. This will transcend into every aspect of your life when you start thinking this way. Go



3.) Align Your Values


This might seem like a suggestion out of self-help book, but trust me, after helping thousands of men and women over the last 18 years, this one counts.

The last thing you want to do is create your own battles and get in the way of yourself. Not having your values aligned properly is a sure way to make any transformation hard.

Example: Let’s say your success in your business is your #1 priority right now in life.

Let’s just say your values in order might look like:

  1. Business Success
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. Fun
  5. Faith
  6. Vitality / Health and so on…

Now imagine, you work long hours, sometimes miss meals and do whatever it takes to run a multi-million dollar business, of course – It’s your #1 priority in life right now, right?

Yet, you place having vitality and health, which will enable your success in the long run as #6 on the value scale?

See the problem here?

Place your Vitality and health higher up so that you can sustain the energy needed for everything else you want in life.

You’ve got to align your values up. This is how big players in any game, reaching any goal, not only reach the top but stay there!


4.) Success Is Planned Out

Everything must be properly planned out so that you surpass any roadblocks that might get in your way, and so that you WIN your day each day with successful workouts and nutritious meals.

I’d even go as far as learning to find issues that may interrupt your strategy for getting a stellar transformation so that you can foresee them, and be ready for imperfect days ahead.

It’s also best to have a plan for each day that you head to the gym so that you’re not sitting on the treadmill for the first 10 minutes of your workout, wondering, “what should I do today?”

5.) Plan For Both BEASTMODE & L E A S T M O D E

Let me say this, you CANNOT always be in BEASTMODE as much as it’s popularized on Instagram and Facebook.

Sometimes you have to go “LEASTMODE” and let your body rest and adapt.

“You Are What You Recover From”

Many people never realize that your Training + Recovery = RESULTS

This mindset of always going beast mode is dangerous in the long run and you’ll never reach the “training effect” you’re looking for this way. Whether it’s shedding fat, building muscle, or getting stronger, you must have periods of rest, a deload phase, and general periodization to maximize your results.

It’s simply too easy to let fatigue mask results while you’re grinding out your goals. So be aware of how your body is responding.


Stay Tuned for more transformation tips with part 2 in the coming days so we can crush your goals and make bigger ones!


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Your Coaches,
Matt & Nubbia Stirling

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